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The Woods End pool construction project is located in Sugarland, Texas, and was completed in 2017. We designed this beautiful pool to have a sleek, modern style with hard lines and gorgeous finishes. The waterfall features accentuate the lovely stacked stone wall which frames the rear ledge.

The spa and tanning lounge sit side-by-side and are custom designed to be enjoyed by adults and kids alike. Resting only six inches below the water’s surface, the tanning lounge offers an enticing half-in/half-out of the water experience while concurrently serving as a safe space for younger children to splash around.

The custom pergola was designed and united with the rear elevation of the home to act as an extension of the home. The base of the pergola was seamlessly integrated into the new silver travertine decking.

The silver travertine patio is multi-colored with soft variances of grays and beiges. This stone is of the highest quality available and feels both soft to the touch and cool during those hot summer days.

Like all of our pool construction and remodeling projects in The Woodlands, Woodforest, Montgomery, Conroe, Katy, Sugarland, & Richmond Texas, Total Pool Care drafted detailed site plans and blueprints for this project. Those plans were presented to the township or city locale, and approval was received before breaking ground. 

All elements of our pool remodeling and pool construction projects are completed using a proven process and done so while following all township and city locale ordinances. Every material used in our pool construction and pool remodeling projects are of the highest quality, and are built to withstand the test of time. All of our pools are designed to perfectly fit the spacial constraints of the lot to maximize usable space once the project is completed.

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